About Us

St. Paul Guitar Repair was founded in 2017, built on decades of experience and passion for music and the instruments that make it all possible.

Our team is friendly, knowledgable, and committed to serving you.

A custom Ron Tracy T92 guitar, in beautifully stained blond wood.
Image of an acoustic guitar on the bench being repaired, with a wall of beautiful guitars in the background.

Meet the Founders

The heart and soul of St. Paul Guitar Repair
A friendly warm picture of Ron Tracy

Ron Tracy

Ron Tracy is a graduate of SE Technical College and was immediately hired by a prominent guitar builder in Minneapolis. He later chaired the board of directors for the String Instrument Repair program at the same school. Ron is a semi-professional musician influenced by the music of Miles Davis and Muddy Waters and has an affinity for all the visual arts. He was involved in gymnastics as a national competitor and coach for many years. Ron is married and the father of five incredible daughters.

A joyful, smiling photo of Michele Beardsley.

Michele Beardsley

Michele Beardsley is a graduate of the Red Wing Technical College Musical String Instrument Repair program and has been repairing and building guitars for over 30 years. For most of that time she worked alongside and learned from Ron Tracy and Kevin Schwab at a prominent Minneapolis repair shop. In 2017 she and Ron opened St Paul Guitar Repair together. Michele is also the owner/builder of HepCat Lap Steels. She is an amateur musician and music enthusiast.

Our Talented Team

Our dedicated staff supports everything we do
A smiling photo of Kevin Schwab

Kevin Schwab

A smiling photo of John Tracy.

John Tracy

A guitar laid down on the bench, with a pristine guitar neck focused on.
A detailed shot of a guitar on the bench at St. Paul Guitar Repair.